We continue with the second part of the list with the best Android smartphones of the moment. If in Part I we talked about the most interesting cell phones for less than $ 100, for less than $ 200 and for less than $ 300, in this second part we will talk about the best high-end smartphones in the market. On the one hand, we will focus on all those smartphones with a price below $ 450, and on the other hand, on smartphones priced below $ 900. In addition, coinciding with the final result, we advance you the best Chinese smartphone of the moment. A mixture of good price and specifications that you will be interested in with total certainty. Let's start.

The best Android smartphones based on price

Once again, we offer you the possibility of going directly to the price range that interests you the most. By following these links, you can see what Android smartphones we recommend based on your budget.

Best Android smartphone for less than $ 450

Meizu MX6

Best Android smartphones - February 2017. Part II 1

The new Meizu top of the range smartphone does not really have anything to help you differentiate itself from other smartphones from the same company, but not less worthy of attention. On the other hand, those looking for a smooth and compact smartphone (made of metal) and very fast, could find in the Meizu MX6 their ideal partner.

Huawei Nova Plus

Best Android smartphones - February 2017. Part II 2

Few companies devote so much attention to the mid-range smartphone market. The Nova Plus rises above the average in this market full of products offering an interesting novelty: the optical stabilizer of the camera that will satisfy all photographers and especially those who want to record several videos in short periods of time.

Sony Xperia X Compact

Best Android smartphone for less than 450 € 1

If you are looking for an especially powerful but compact smartphone, there are few alternatives and among them the X Compact is undoubtedly one of the most tempting. Small, with a big display and an excellent camera. Compared to other years, it is no longer a top of the range smartphone, but also the price has dropped accordingly.

ASUS Zenfone 3

Best Android smartphone for less than 450 € 2

ASUS started to become famous with the success of the Zenfone 2. This is a very interesting smartphone, with a very elegant glass body and a metallic profile that also provides an increase in performance, but without increasing the price too much, it remains as one of the strengths of this product.


Best Android smartphone for less than 450 € 3

The LG G5 SE is much like the flagship smartphone of the Korean company, and that means things have been done well. It is a smartphone with the same substance and only modifies the processor. But the price is lower and the user experience is basically the same. It has a great dual camera and the ability to extend the functionality with the extra modules of LG Friends.

Honor 8

Best Android smartphone for less than 450 € 4
Huawei has been freed from the reputation of being a maker of low-cost smartphones, to be known as a manufacturer of quality smartphones. Honor 8 is a sample of it, perhaps the best example of this change in the market. Beautiful, elegant, powerful and with a large display. The Huawei P9 is almost its twin brother, but in many ways this one offers much more.

ZTE Axon 7

Best Android smartphone for less than 450 € 5
ZTE is another company that wants to build high quality smartphones and sell them at a low price. Of course, the software is somewhat flawed, but the screen is very good as well as the audio and camera. In addition it is also available in physical stores in most of the Western countries (with subsequent after-sales service).

Moto Z Play

Best Android smartphone for less than 450 € 6
The Moto Z Play is more interesting than the Moto Z (logically); so much that in fact the second one is not in this list. It's a little less powerful, but retains much of the sleek design and magnetic modularity on the back. The cell phone is the ultimate expression of balance: good display, good camera, attractive design and good battery life.

Huawei P9

Best Android smartphones - February 2017. Part II 3
Following the success of the previous year's model, the company has refined its top of the range with the creation of a unique product. The Huawei P9 is very thin, is very well designed and features a unique feature: the dual camera co-designed with Leica to take incredible black and white photos.

Best Android smartphone up to $ 900

OnePlus 3T

Best Android smartphone up to $ 900 1
This is the evolution of the popular and successful OnePlus 3. Faster, with more battery life and also at a slightly higher price. OnePlus, with this family of products, has definitely changed the way we perceive the market, although it is obviously a product only for those who are not afraid to buy online.

Nubia Z11

Best Android smartphones - February 2017. Part II 4
Nubia has also launched its new top of the range in the Western market. It is a device that does not want to give up anything and offers a feature currently unique in its category, namely a screen that goes from edge to edge. It is a virtually borderless screen on its sides and it has nothing to envy the higher priced smartphone.

HTC 10

Best Android smartphone up to $ 900 2
Although the distribution in some countries is not particularly widespread, the HTC 10 certainly deserves the attention of consumers. Great screen, good camera and an iconic design that has confirmed HTC as one of the most interesting companies from the point of view of the high-end Android smartphones. The price, unfortunately, goes hand in hand with the quality.

  • HTC 10 on Amazon for $ 468.49.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Best Android smartphone up to $ 900 3
If the smartphone of the previous season (the Galaxy S6) is still a good option, this Galaxy S7 is without a doubt one of the best smartphones of the year 2016 and even of this 2017, thanks to its excellent camera, one of the best market screens, the excellent performance and have incorporated the option of an expandable memory and resistance to water and dust. An option that you will not regret, if you can afford it.

Huawei P9 Plus

Best Android smartphone up to $ 900 4
The Plus version is actually an improvement over the already excellent Huawei P9, but also the price accompanies all these improvements. However, if you have had the opportunity to enjoy the good things that Huawei has done over the last year, and you have a good budget to spend on high-end smartphones, this P9 Plus does not disappoint, with its Leica camera, very impressive touch screen and double stereo audio.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Best Android smartphone up to $ 900 5

And if the Galaxy S7 was already a big step forward compared to the previous year, it is impossible not to say the same thing also about the Edge version which, among other things, in 2016 added a bigger size and a bigger battery. That is, it is not only an interesting option for its beautiful double-curved display, but also for its greater battery life (improved compared to its brothers).

Huawei Mate 9

Best Android smartphone up to $ 900 6

It is clear that Huawei in 2016 wanted to show that it can go a step further and, after presenting the P9 Plus, also launched a phablet from the Mate family that cut the breath of most users who used it. A well-built product, with a beautiful display, a good camera, good battery life and already updated to Android 7.0 Nougat.

Best Android smartphones - February 2017. Part II