Xiaomi will present device worldwide during CES 2017 in Las Vegas 1

Xiaomi has been able to become, in a short period of time, one of the best known brands worldwide thanks to high performance devices at prices much lower than those of the competition, such as Mi Note 2 or the innovative Mi Mix. Although more and more users have a Xiaomi smartphone in their hands, its products are only available in China, something that the Chinese company could change very soon, as confirmed through its official profile on Twitter, where it confirms its presence in the CES 2017 to be held in Las Vegas next January. A message that ensures the global presentation of a new device, which means that Xiaomi is willing to open to other markets.

If until now, with each new terminal launched in the Chinese market by the company, the complaints of the Western followers were expected (to buy it is necessary to use imports), it seems that the situation will change drastically from the year coming. Many have already started to predict what device Xiaomi is going to present. While a smartphone would be the ideal gadget for an entry into the US market, the possibility of presenting another device is quite wide (especially because of the regulatory hurdles that must be overcome for the launch of a new product in the US). In fact, Xiaomi offers a wide variety of different products and is active in several areas, including televisions, set top box and especially electric vehicles (from hoverboards like Ninebot Mini to electric bikes from $ 400 like Mi QiCycle).

Xiaomi has the potential to aspire to enter dramatically into US and Europe markets, although the level of risk to stand against Apple or Samsung on equal terms is still unknown. The obligation of Xiaomi, if it wants to improve its billing and its prospects, is actually to open the Chinese market and earn Western markets seriously. This point of view has been pursued for a long time, but with limited success and restricted to specific niches. In any case, we will know more in the coming weeks (if the rumors allow), or directly on January 5, when the Xiaomi conference will be held and a new mobile device will be presented globally.

Xiaomi will present device worldwide during CES 2017 in Las Vegas