Samsung plans to launch a special program for the sale of reconditioned high-end smartphones, to our knowledge by Reuters, thanks to a source directly involved in this new project. Speaking of reconditioned devices, usually we are talking about all those terminals that:

  • The client has had for a limited time and return them.
  • It is a sample smartphone and therefore was never sold.

The analysis of this idea of ​​Samsung, is the result of analyzing the advantages both from the client side and on the side of the company: the customers can have a high-end smartphone to a range of lower prices (considering that they will deliver a device used for all purposes); the company sells thus a greater number of products and helps maintain a higher profit margin, at least 10% (according to Forbes, the famous American magazine).

However, there are two questions on the strategy of this Korean giant to consider: how big are these discounts, especially depending on which countries and where this strategy will be adopted. This second issue is quite important, since in the past Apple has had a ban on the sale of smartphones already used in India. According to rumors, it seems that these phones will be sold in Korea (Samsung home) and in the US. We do not know, however, if the manufacturer intends to reach other countries.

According to Forbes analysts, another big plus for Samsung, in adopting this practice, it would have more chances of beating the Chinese giant in terms of sales, which often sell smartphones with high-end hardware, but at a price range much more competitive. Another drawback that is mentioned is the risk of damaging the image of the company. But, how much market share belong to smartphones used and resold? According to Deloitte, in 2016 there would be 120 million reconditioned phones in circulation with a value of 17 billion dollars.

Samsung thinks of selling reconditioned smartphones 1

Samsung thinks of selling reconditioned smartphones