It is clear that Windows Phone has not behaved well with Nokia, the old European brand that was so valued in the telephony sector years ago. However, thanks to the already known separation of Microsoft, this could be the year of redemption for the Finns. As we have learned today, in the plans of the company there are 7 new models of smartphones with Android on board, finally closed the support linked to Microsoft during the period of Lumia. And with so many smartphones on the way, there are devices for all users, and those who thought the brand was going to target only the mid-low market, are probably wrong. There will be room for entry level, mid-range and also high-end cell phones, at least as reported by Avaxx, a technology distributor operating in Malaysia.

Nokia wants to introduce 7 new Android smartphones this year 1

The news leaked after a presentation on Nokia's future plans, at the behest of HMD Global. Now we have to wait for the official announcement to know how and when the new models of the company will be launched. What is certain is that the brand is eager to return to the international market, after having been on the verge of total failure, and a possible resurrection is something that many nostalgic users will be willing to see. It is obvious that Nokia's return is very close, almost to the doors, and it seems that these doors will have to make room for more and more new models. But it is also obvious that many do not expect the same quality of the past, not just because the market moment is different; but because Nokia is also different. Will there be room for Nokia's new smartphones in 2017?

Nokia wants to introduce 7 new Android smartphones this year 2

It remains to find out exactly when these new smartphones will appear, and how they will be. For now we have a lot of clues (maybe too many for all to be true), but few certainties, and, based on what we know so far, we can only remember that Nokia should be working right now on two high-end smartphones and two cheaper variants of the Nokia D1C, which could be one of the first cell phones launched to the market, along with the Nokia E1. If everything goes according to plan, we will officially meet some of these new devices at the next Mobile World Congress 2017 to be held in Barcelona next February (one of the most important and expected events of the technology industry, and especially of the mobile industry, which is concentrated for a week in Spain).

Nokia wants to introduce 7 new Android smartphones this year