Honor Magic will be, presumably, the next smartphone by the Chinese colossus, and will be available shortly. Specifically, it is scheduled to be presented on December 16 (next week). While we are talking about rumors, it seems that this device would follow the wake of Xiaomi and Meizu, offering another breath of fresh air in the telephony market, as the Honor brand -owned by Huawei- could be preparing another cell phone with a front design practically edgeless.

These rumors seem to be far more reliable than they appear. Although for the moment there is no information on the design of this new device, but basically there are two ways to guess. This smartphone, according to the voices that are talking about it, will be revolutionary, since it would have the curved screen on all four sides, and therefore also the upper and lower edges, which instead are normal on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and in addition it would translate into a high relation of screen with respect to the body.

To give the example of a device similar to that which the experts imagine, the Xiaomi Mi Mix has a screen of 6.4 inches and covers almost completely the front of the phone; thus, the buttons that are usually on the front have been integrated into the screen. This model has a display ratio with respect to the body of 91.3%, the highest of any cell phone in the market. The screen looks 17:9, not 16:9, as it has an area dedicated to touch buttons for a better user experience. We do not know what the relation of the screen with respect to the body in the Honor Magic will be, but in theory should be greater than the one of the Xiaomi Mi Mix.

But of course, like all unconfirmed rumors, there is the hypothesis that Honor could introduce a new device similar to the Xiaomi Mi Note 2, a very interesting smartphone that also has curved screen edges. There is even another source that speaks of a screen of a similar size to the next Samsung smartphone, the Galaxy S8, and this equates to a size of approximately 6 inches (which also corresponds to the Mi Mix). Otherwise, the Honor Magic is expected to be presented with a new Huawei quick charge technology. The company announced a few days ago a new lithium ion battery with graphene-assisted, and it is not ruled out that this phone can be powered by one.

Honor Magic scheduled to be presented on December 16th 1

Honor Magic scheduled to be presented on December 16th