Google is working on a new Android smartphone that could be launched later this year. According to rumors, the Mountain View company has decided to go further and try to take control over completely everything, from the design of this new device to the hardware and software. This would be a major change, because Google could take complete control over aspects such as design, technical specifications, assembly process, and more. All this would be added to the last known news about Samsung or Huawei and their intentions to use their own operating systems, rather than Android, and all that would happen before the end of the year.

Following the success of the Nexus program, through which Google had partnered with several manufacturers to offer such actions, the Android experience seems to have served so now for the American company and wants to go further and take charge of the creation from scratch of an Android smartphone that could come later this year. This new Google project would involve absolutely control over all aspects of development and creation, from design to assembly, with the aim of offering a unique Android smartphone of its kind. This road, which closely resembles to Apple's philosophy, will allow Google to expand its reach in the hardware field, given the opportunity to exercise full control over a wide range of aspects where until now was not so involved.

If these rumors prove to be true, Google could develop further its internal hardware division, mainly with the help of Rick Osterloh, formerly of Motorola. At the same time, the introduction of an Android smartphone, made 100% owned by Google, could bring many benefits almost immediately for the Nexus program, which aims to offer an Android experience without any customization (although it would have to assess how it hurts if other brands away from the operating system). Sure, Google follows the footsteps of Apple in terms of percentage of users (talking about operating systems), but maybe it would prefer to face it in every way, optimizing hardware and software and making its greatest strength. The news will not be liked by third-party partners, but may be the only reasonable way to lift or shake the smartphone and cell phones market.

As we said, this device should be released later this year. We'll see then if greater control also means greater stability, in addition to the benefits in terms of security, updates and overall performance. At the moment, we have to wait to see if Google will present its new Android smartphone later this year or not. The fact is that, according to rumors, the Mountain View company is already in negotiations with telephone operators for the marketing of this new device.

Google wants to develop an Android smartphone having control over hardware and software 1

Google wants to develop an Android smartphone having control over hardware and software