Huawei would be concerned about the future of Androd and for this reason would be developing its own operating system to be used as an alternative, at least according to sources cited by The Information. Ii's working secretly on a smartphone operating system that would be independent of Google and shelter from possible changes of direction in the provision of Android (a much more ambitious project than EMUI 5.0 scheduled for this fall).

The Chinese company, in essence, not rely too much on Google and might be afraid that in the future may impose limitations on the use of the platform or even discontinue providing Android for third party partners. With its own operating system, the company would survive any such move as it would create an alternative to Android for use in its products.

Although this would be a project still at an early stage, according to the latest rumors, and would be a great development team working on it in the Scandinavian countries, where there is also a large group of former Nokia employees working as engineers for Huawei.

However, even if these rumors prove to be true, Huawei's operating system may still not see the light ever. What is it that the Chinese company intends to reduce dependency on the software of Mountain View company. If Google were to limit support Android or freedom in customizing third party, Huawei would have a good parachute prepared as a solution to the problem.

Huawei develops its own operating system as an alternative to Android