CAT S60 is an indestructible and waterproof smartphone (up to 5 meters), robust and capable of functioning even after drops of up to 2 meters high. It is a Dual SIM cell phone with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and thermal camera, making it the flagship of the company with a somewhat risky given current market for something corseted in buying protective cases, instead of built-in protection.

CAT offers a collection of smartphones with similar functions to those available in the market, but always emphasizing for being indestructible. After the CAT S30 and CAT S40, for the low-end market, is now available the new crown jewel, the CAT S60, announced a few months ago (in February 2016) and finally in circulation worldwide. In this case it is a model that can compete on equal terms with many high-end phones that do not have many of its qualities.

This is a very original smartphone, with many unique specifications, and available at a price of 799 dollars. The device is the result of work by the British company Bullitt with the CAT brand and the integration of FLIR technology to develop the thermal camera, the most important part of this smartphone, no doubt. We recall in this regard that also produces additional modules with FLIR thermal camera systems as for Apple and Samsung, but in this case the thermal camera is integrated into the mobile phone.

CAT S60 is unmistakable and from design. It comes in a polycarbonate case, with metal and cast reinforced aluminum profiles. The measures are 14.9 x 7.3 x of 1.2 cm, important issues such as the weight of over 220 grams. Stands just above average, not only accommodates the technological base of the thermal camera FLIR, also by orange metal on the speakers and microphones, which will protect the phone in case of infiltration of water, depending on the depth of immersion. Yes, because CAT S60 can withstand without damage and still working up to 5 meters underwater for 60 minutes. Also, it can be used to take photos and record videos underwater.

Continuing along the edges of the device, we find the keys to control volume, both the right and the left, in addition to the knurled button, just below, and, as usual, an additional and customizable button for other functions, PTT type, where you can assign a function to activate the application that serves to turn your smartphone into a walkie talkie. This application is pre-installed and is called Zello. Of course, you can not have the PTT application and assign it to any other button to create the function.

And not only that, it also includes an SOS button, red, to launch an early warning in case of difficulty (with settings that you customize with directions and modes of contact) and micro USB charging connector, right on the left edge housing that protects the entrance to a minijack provided for headphones and/or microphone. In the lower front are the usual buttons for Android smartphones, with rough finish for a perfect grip, even with gloves, and the back has the cover to insert a dual nano-SIM and also allows expansion for memory card via microSD.

To the left of this port there is the LED illuminator, powerful, for the camera and thermal camera. The interior of this smartphone is not accessible, but inside it is hosted a 3800 mAh battery that once we use the phone, never be exhausted until the end of the second day with heavy use, without recharging. A further advantage in regard to CAT S60.

CAT S60, waterproof smartphone with thermal camera 1

CAT S60, waterproof smartphone with thermal camera