Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus is the world's first phone featuring the Clear Sight technology made by the famous processors manufacturer Qualcomm. The same Chinese company has been the one that explained that this is an Android smartphone with the technology, since the release of this device had never been announced to emphasize this detail. First, it should be noted that this technology is dedicated to the photographic section, and specifically to the dual camera with which is equipped this new device.

the dual camera of the Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus has a sensor that combines a color camera and another that takes pictures in black and white. Thanks to the Qualcomm Clear Sight technology, the pictures have a greater level of detail and less digital noise when it is in low light conditions. The black and white sensor, a bit like in the Huawei P9, absorbs more light. Clear Sight technology with the shots taken by each camera are joined together and the user will get a significantly higher performance.

The monochrome sensor of the Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus is nothing but the same sensor including color, but without the color filter, and thanks to the lack of this feature, is able to capture more light, with improved contrast and greater sharpness. Recall that the camera of this device consists of two Sony sensors arriving at a resolution of 13 megapixels that translate to a better resolution than usual.

Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus is the first smartphone with Qualcomm Clear Sight 1

Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus is the first smartphone with Qualcomm Clear Sight