The WhatsApp update brings great news to its users, both for iOS and Android devices. In the first case, a stable version of the application has just been released. In the second, a new beta version is also available to end users. In both cases, it includes the introduction of a highly requested feature: the deletion of sent messages.

WhatsApp, Android and iOS update to delete sent messages 1

If you look at the stable version update (WhatsApp for iPhone), we see that this is version 2.17.1 and weighs 231 MB. As always, it is available directly in iTunes and in all versions of the App Store. What's new on the official changelog? As a first advantage, when your device does not have internet access, you can select the messages to send and queue them. Thus, they will be sent as soon as the smartphone recovers the network. A very useful novelty, too, will be the option to clean the cellphone memory and save space, deleting certain types of messages, and of course videos or images. All this will be possible through the usual configuration (through the option to storage use). Eventually, the possibility of sending 30 photos in a chat, instead of 10, has also been confirmed.

WhatsApp, Android and iOS update to delete sent messages 2

As for Android, still in beta, some of these news are still deactivated, but we hope that the function of eliminating sent messages will be available as soon as possible, so that all the embarrassing conversations initiated can be amended and sent to the trash. This new appearance in the latest beta makes evident the intention to proceed shortly to the public version of all this and much more. It is likely that we will soon know more details and what is the appropriate use intended by the app. In short, a delicious snack awaits the most coveted gift by some users, a feature that could really revolutionize the instant messaging service, so that would be satisfying a request from users around the world.

WhatsApp, Android and iOS update to delete sent messages