Among the changes announced by Google at its I/O conference we could not miss an update on the status of Android N, the next version of the operating system for smartphones and tablets that will reach hundreds of millions of devices. We already knew something though, but the latest news from the Mountain View company, which has come in the last hours, will make the await for the final version even more unbearable for many users.

The main reason may be the long-awaited multi-screen mode; ie, the ability to use two different applications on the same screen. In some models of phones and tablets from manufacturers like Samsung it is already possible to do this, but this is not an ideal solution: the official support of Google will make things easier and more intuitive. Other cosmetic changes and other features include a simplification of recent applications on the screen and the ability to go back and forth between two applications with a quick double tap on the button dedicated to multitasking, but not limited. Also the notifications curtain has been simplified in design and serve among other things to respond directly to messages from all applications.

Users will choose the final name of Android N 1

Even under the hood changes will be varied: in terms of 3D graphics performance will also improve, integrating ever more closely to the instructions of the APK Vulkan, while external application developers can contribute up to 50% less space in storage memory; Doze mode that limits the waste of the battery when the phone is not in use for several minutes in Android N will work more aggressively; last but not least, we will see the arrival of DayDream virtual reality platform, which will be part of the operating system.

It also improves security: new updates on the operating system (particularly the smaller ones, that provide bug fixes and vulnerabilities) will take place in silence and background, as is already the case with Chrome. After downloading, the first phone reboot will coincide with the end of the update on your phone.

As for the more frivolous aspects of the upgrade, there are two developments that are being emphasized. First, on Android N we will find a lot of new emoji, complying with the Unicode 9.0 standard version that adds several faces dedicated to people and professions. Second, the name of the operating system will be finally decided by users, since Android N is still a provisional designation, and the company has asked its users to provide an alternative name for the final version scheduled for this summer.

Users will choose the final name of Android N