Toshiba Europe GmbH (TEG) Storage Peripherals Division has shown in its stand of the IFA 2016 in Berlin a new product that allows in a single operation a backup of the smartphone data, and battery charging. A recharging station and backup, in a nutshell. For now only available for Android devices, equipped with a mechanical hard drive of 500 GB, although the specifications are not yet final and could be changes in the future.

Toshiba announces a charging station with backup for smartphones 1

This is an interesting solution for smartphones. During the presentation, to do a preview of the prototype, performing a battery charge of the smartphone, and has also served to carry out the automatic backup of data. It will be available in 2017 and so far it is unknown at what price and whether it will be available only in Asia, or in other countries in Europe and America.

The company has not yet given a name for this device, but its genesis forms the basis of an important assumption: according to data from Avast, it is estimated that only 8% of users perform daily backups of the data on their smartphones. The percentage rises slightly when talking about the weekly data, being witnesses summary of a general lack of interest in this operation by the general public.

This device, and others that let you back up, offers a special function for easy transfer of data between different devices. An example is the communications exchange or sharing photos and videos, or just before a need after buying a new smartphone that transfer data. It will also be available an application dedicated to this device, and Toshiba promises it will be easy to use; also it expected that has a normal transfer pattern, similar to how data backups are performed through a USB Type A and USB type C.

Toshiba announces a charging station with backup for smartphones