As has been told these days, HTC plans can be completely free of physical buttons on its future smartphones, with a sensible case to touch able to make different touch commands depending on the pressure exerted on the housing.

The Taiwanese group is preparing, for a few months, a kind of successor to the HTC 10: a very good device, however, sinned to have a pretty high price too late, in a moment when its opponents were the first for the few innovations it was incorporating. In fact, it has not been able to impress the general public as expected. Precisely for this reason, perhaps, the designers of the company are thinking about how to arouse public interest in their upcoming flagship smartphones: one of them, Danelle Vermeulen, has posted on his personal website a clip showing an interesting concept, called Sense Touch.

So it seems, the designers of the company have decided to focus on a new technology that provides access to different functions not only touching or pressing on the screen, but also on the structure surrounding the screen. This phone is so devoid of buttons as the iPhone 7 whose production costs are much higher than in previous models.

Curiosity was made public of a more extensive way by the blogger Evan Blass (which captured the moment and published the clips on his Twitter profile), and displays a system capable of implementing orders given just by touching the body of a smartphone without need to interact with the screen. The results change depending on the application running: by touching the phone during music playback, for example, the user turns up the volume, while a touch on the same point made by the initial screen is responsible for starting the wizard voice.

The next HTC smartphone will not have physical buttons 1

The next HTC smartphone will not have physical buttons