At a time when revelations about wiretapping scandals have gained a global dimension, the debate between the right to privacy and security protection never seems to run out, but on the contrary; and in this endless dispute, now appears involved a new Android smartphones on the market, a new striking device having a system of military encryption. Solarin is the phone that the company Sirin Labs designed specifically for data protection.

The need to protect the highly relevant information from interference of others, pushed Sirin Labs to create this smartphone, which, in theory, provide more guarantees of privacy protection than that offered by devices already on the market: but to acquire this device you have to keep in mind that you must first spend an amount equal to $ 16,560.

By itself, this Android smartphone does not have a hardware features that may be preferable to many other products that are equipped with Google's operating system: it has a 5.5-inch screen, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, memory storage of 128 GB and 23.8 megapixel rear camera, but the truth is that it differs from other smartphones by the fact that it has been made with materials used in aerospace technology.

Still, the big key that makes the difference between Solarin and other smartphones as Blackphone 2, seeking the same privacy goal, is that we find a military encryption system: the result of a research project that has lasted two years, conducted between Sweden and Israel and whose technology, according to Sirin Labs, provides same security used for years for the staff of government agencies; in fact, it is a solution that allows maximum security.

Touching on the back cover of the phone, you can activate the security feature that completely inhibits the use of device features, except that it allows make phone calls or send messages using the type of AES 256-bit encryption. In a world where information is money, it is expected that Solarin has a great importance in the management of large enterprises.

Solarin, the Android smartphone super secure and expensive 1

Solarin, the Android smartphone super secure and expensive