Samsung Electronics have temporarily stopped production of its controversial Galaxy Note 7, after the large amount of explosive problems that could be causing the battery into the hands of users. This news has appeared in various media, citing sources familiar with the matter. Meanwhile, US phone operators AT&T and T-Mobile have blocked Samsung smartphone sales.

"We are changing the production plan of the Galaxy Note 7 -said the Korean company- in order to take further steps to ensure quality and safety." Despite this statement, nothing is mentioned about the suspension of production, but has been released through a source, a Samsung division in Vietnam, which manages phone shipments worldwide.

In recent weeks, Samsung had begun to replace tens of thousands of Galaxy Note 7 for a new model, with the intention of solving the problem, but it has not. In the last ten days they have been known at least five cases of burned phablets and have started to produce a lot of smoke, which poses a risk to the health of their owners. One of these recurrent cases occurred last October 5, when a plane was evacuated due to smoke produced by a Galaxy Note 7 shortly before its departure from Louisville in Kentucky, and was a device replaced, as such, should work with no problems.

In another case, again in Kentucky, a man woke up in his room filled with smoke and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had caught fire, then was hospitalized with bronchitis caused by smoke inhalation. Also in this case, the phone was a replacement model and even when not charging was overheated. Another case happened on Sunday October 9 and held in Houston, Texas: the phone caught fire in the dining table of a family that was having lunch. It was replaced in late September, following signs told by Samsung for the recall campaign.

Following these reports, the last major mobile operators in the US have decided to halt sales of Galaxy Note 7 offering its customers replace defective models with different phones. Samsung has not yet confirmed all cases reported so far, issuing press releases in which affirms its commitment to clarify and investigate the causes of accidents and collaborate with local authorities.

Anyone who has bought a Galaxy Note 7 before the recall campaign, is entitled to request a replacement product or a full refund of their purchase. The new models should solve the problem, but apparently there are still problems that could further hurt the sales of Samsung, lies ahead when all the Christmas shopping period is almost here.

Samsung stops the sale and suspends production of Galaxy Note 7 1

Samsung stops the sale and suspends production of Galaxy Note 7