Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy X have prior departure to the market in the spring of 2017, and there are some who talk of revolution. While Apple seems to be laboriously betting on a single name and the loyalty of users, the Korean company anticipates to put on sale in 2017 two new smartphones that could completely revolutionize the concept of "smartphone". Samsung Galaxy S8 can have an Exynos 8895 chip (as seen on Weibo), built in 10 nm and could allow the existence of more space for transistors and therefore clearly superior performance. In addition AMOLED screen would have a 4K resolution. Samsung Galaxy X, however, could be the first smartphone with foldable screen and this future looks set to be present in April 2017. These are the current rumors.

Samsung Galaxy S8, the successor to the Samsung Galaxy S7, may already be released in February 2017 (or late spring) and technical characteristics seem to have already known, at least the most important. These are rumors, even if we only rely on the most reliable. First, the design: the Galaxy S8 only available on the Edge version, which seems to attract the general public. Second, the AMOLED screen, at 4K resolution and density of 806 ppi. Moreover, the rear camera must be dual, with which it aims not leave much room for Huawei. Finally, there has been talk of a 6 GB of RAM, improved battery and an Exynos 8895 chip completely revolutionized. In short, Samsung wants to develop the best high-end smartphone next year.

As for the Samsung Galaxy X, still it knows very little. According to some rumors emerged in the US, may appear on the market already in 2017 and presented at the upcoming Mobile World Congress. All we know about this future smartphone is the screen: it seems that Samsung tests are very advanced and in a few months could try a totally flexible screen smartphone. The potential of a foldable cell phone seems to be very large, even though it is such an original innovation that its possible functions are still being studied. Samsung wants to overtake Apple in every way, not just in terms of sales. Every time there is less time to show us a new future in the market.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy X expected to change the market in 2017 1

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy X expected to change the market in 2017