A few days ago, an executive from Samsung said the Galaxy Note 7 would return to European stores in late November. However, despite the news, users will not have to wait so long. The Korean manufacturer has officially announced that the phablet will be put on sale again on October 28. Meanwhile, another user came from China has indicated a new explosion of this phablet, but the problem is that this time is a Galaxy Note 7 replaced.

The new Samsung smartphone has received rave reviews thanks to the quality of the components used, in particular, the Super AMOLED screen of 5.7-inch with Quad HD resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels), considered by many the best in the market. Unfortunately, those batteries manufactured by Samsung SDI and integrated in some units have a tendency to overheat and explode while recharging. The manufacturer has initiated a period of recall and return in the 10 countries where the sale had already begun.

Samsung has shown that in Europe 57% of Galaxy Note 7 defective were replaced in a week since the start of the recall campaign. 90% of users have requested another Galaxy Note 7 and 3% chose another Samsung phone, while the remaining 7% claimed a refund in cash. The manufacturer provides that all Galaxy Note 7 will be returned in early October, so the sale will regularly resume on October 28.

All new models incorporate a battery produced by Amperex Technology Limited, which should be exempt from the problem. Some Korean users, however, have reported that the temperature excessively increases during charging and the charge level is not maintained. A person of Chinese nationality ensured that the temperature of his Galaxy Note 7 had exploded, causing burns to the hands and damage to his MacBook.

Samsung has been in touch with the customer to make the recall of his phablet, in order to examine and determine the cause of the explosion. Two other incidents have occurred in China in recent days, but in both cases the explosion was caused by an external heat source.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for sale in Europe from October 28 1

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for sale in Europe from October 28