The circle seems to close for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, at least as regards the update to Android Marshmallow, although now it is possible to receive a new update to Android 7.0 Nougat.

This is a package that includes security patches for September, added to solve some critical problems quite important. Depending on when you receive the notification, you may immediately proceed to update your device, although, as always, all this depends on many other variants, first the amount of available battery for updating smoothly, and other suggestions like using a WiFi network and to backup important data just in case.

In fact, some people have complained, as a result of this update, about some loss of battery life, caused in some cases by the new Samsung Cloud. Other users have reported positively on this support offering 15 GB of free space, where you can store photos, videos and documents, but also useful to facilitate the performance of backup and restore certain performances.

Moreover, no substantial changes are expected, it comes down to what we already know from about a year ago. We look forward to Android Nougat, since the technical specifications of the fourth generation phablet would be able to bear it, so that in the end could also surprise all owners of a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with a new update (in this case, however, it will take time, maybe next year, and maybe even not in the first months of it). Meanwhile, you can already enjoy the new firmware, available for all versions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 updated to Android Marshmallow worldwide 1

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 updated to Android Marshmallow worldwide