It increases the spread of a new and dangerous virus on Android. A ransomware able to encrypt the data and ask for a ransom. In this case, the malware would be transmitted on devices through a fake PornHub application, but many attribute responsibility to Google, which, by prohibiting the download of porn applications in the Play Store, would lead users to install applications from unofficial sources.

The discoverers of this new security threat have been researchers at ESET, a company specializing in computer security. In addition, according to experts, the fake version of the PornHub app, instead of displaying videos, installs malware on victims' devices. Because applications that contain adult material are not allowed in the official Play Store, the solution is complicated. Because it means that it is very difficult for users not to fall into the trap of hackers. Security is not controlled and modified versions of many applications almost always include malicious code.

Ransomware on Android: watch out for the Pornhub app 1

How the PornHub fake app affects your smartphone

Malicious software, which replicates the official PornHub application, installs itself and at that time detects a virus or malware in the victim's device. The application prevents users from viewing videos if they did not perform a virus and malware search before. At this point, if the innocent victim run the instructions of the fake application, your phone happens to be in the hands of hackers. The ransomware blocks the victim's device and asks for a ransom of $ 100, payable in Bitcoin, to release the smartphone.

How to remove ransomware

ESET researchers have provided some tips for removing malware without the need to pay for the ransom demanded by hackers. The best solution would be to perform a full reset of the affected device and restart in safe mode. The company suggests that, in case malicious software is able to access administrative privileges, it is good to cancel the privileges before deleting the application. Experts recommend not install applications from unknown sources, as they are very likely to include, as seen in this case, some kind of malicious code. If downloading is necessary, try to download applications only from the official store.

Ransomware on Android: watch out for the Pornhub app