Nintendo and Pokémon Company have conquered the world once again. The first puzzle game of the Pokémon franchise for smartphones is a success even before landing in the global market. Shares of Japanese giant have increased impressively and the game is a viral phenomenon even when the date of official international sale is scheduled for July 15 in many parts of the world. But the boom of the last days must have a slower distribution. as John Hanke, general manager of Niantic, revealed. The servers are overloaded and should be replaced. Some users will have to wait a few more days.

But the game is already viral. The main key of Pokémon Go is catching little creatures, even from a delivery room while your partner is about to give birth to a baby, and anywhere else where you are. In fact, in Australia, one of the countries where the app is already available for Android and Apple, the police have been forced to warn the "coaches" (players) not to enter the building using that excuse. In the game, the fact is that the station is classified as a supply point useful for hunting, like the legendary Poké Ball for digital objects. Just tap on your mobile device to interact with it, remaining in the field of application for the provision of new ammunition, revitalize or to make use of the Pokémon egg, which we will be walking (really) at a predetermined distance, even up to 10 kilometers.

At this point, taking already into account what it means to play Pokémon Go, and thanks to a successful combination of augmented reality, techniques treasure hunt and digital reproductions, it is assumed that the game is about to become one of the most popular titles in history worldwide, so much so that on the first day of release in the US it has already surpassed the number of downloads of Tinder, becoming present in more than 5% of the Android smartphones active in the world and equivalent to 60% of daily use by users who have downloaded it for free from the Play Store (to the extent that it is said that three people have died while playing it).

Pokémon Go invades the world with creatures to train on your smartphone 1

Pokémon Go invades the world with creatures to train on your smartphone