After the formal confirmation, a few hours ago, by HMD Global on the arrival of the Nokia 150 (a cell phone with built-in physical keyboard), appear on the network alleged images of the first Android smartphone from Nokia. This time it would be a device belonging to the high end segment of the market, and now it is known as Nokia P. These photos of the alleged Nokia P do not confirm anything. In fact, the only thing that ensures this information, is that the interest in the new smartphone from Nokia with Android is quite high, and this could have generated a potentially false image (in the absence of confirmations or denials by the Finns). In any case, we would be talking about a phone with specifications such as a QHD screen, and the rest is expected to maintain that level.

The image was published in the popular social network Weibo, later disseminated by the editorial staff of PhoneArena, and everything indicates that it will be a high quality terminal. Not only aesthetically, but also from the point of view of technical characteristics. If all goes well, it will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 CPU, 6GB of RAM, and a 23 megapixel rear camera that will benefit from a Carl Zeiss lens. This Android smartphone should see the light in 2017 and although the image does not have an official verification, it is not implausible to think that Nokia wants to aim at the top, regarding the hardware. The resolution of the rear camera is based on what the Finnish giant has shown in the past, not only on Windows Phone devices, and sensors with large numbers in terms of megapixels would not be a novelty.

Be that as it may, for now it is a necessary, or rather sufficient, condition to have to wait a few months to fully understand what Nokia's intentions in the smartphone market are, as the company has already announced the launch of several new cell phones for the year 2017. It is more than possible that the next Mobile World Congress 2017 will show some of them. Currently, however, we remember that they are all rumors, interesting, yes, but not yet confirmed. That said, we can not ensure that the new smartphone from Nokia will jump immediately to the segment of high-end smartphones, and the image shown may have been even retouched to give the feeling of being. The only thing clear, to this day, is that Nokia's future is much closer than ever.

Nokia P in pictures, alleged Android smartphone with 6GB of RAM 1

Nokia P in pictures, alleged Android smartphone with 6GB of RAM