Speaking of Motorola after being bought by Lenovo means many things, one of which is cuts. Downsizing, cuts in the number of devices and also cuts in the number of updates. We had already obtained confirmation that families Moto Z and Moto G4 would be updated to Android Nougat, but there was still doubt about whether the list would be extended to many other "old" Motorola smartphones, something that will not happen, at least not significantly.

As the same company has now confirmed on its official blog, updating Android Nougat will start later this year in the Moto Z and Moto G4, and extended later also to very few of the previous models, in particular, only to Moto X 2015. Here in fact, the list also includes models available only in the US.

The most notable absence is undoubtedly the Moto E3, announced in the summer and recently put on sale in some countries, but the truth is it will not be alone, as none Moto E will be updated, unless the new Moto G4, no other device in the series will be updated to Nougat.

Lenovo cuts and chooses the most conservative path, leaving behind almost the entire line of Motorola created and developed in recent years, an option that would certainly not please the fans of the company, which will have to resort to the ROMs made by third parties, hoping that abundant varieties emerge over time.

Motorola publishes the list of updatable smartphones to Android Nougat