The Twitter accounts of LG and Motorola have confirmed that the update of Android Wear 2.0 software will not reach to the smartwatches LG G Watch R and Moto 360. They are official communications (in fact, official support accounts), so although the owners of a LG G Watch R or Moto 360 have every right in the world to complain, the truth is that there is nothing much to do: manufacturers have already decided not to upgrade to the latest version of Android Wear released this fall, and now their watches are outdated.

It is assumed that the first smartwatch (and only) by Samsung that works with Google Android Wear platform will be upgraded to the new version, and we refer to the Samsung Gear Live. Recall that the LG G Watch R was put on sale on June 25, 2014 and the Moto 360 in early 2015.

The new update of Android Wear 2.0 was announced at the developer conference I/O 2016, ready to reach several smartwatches during this fall and is a free upgrade for compatible smartwatches, and mostly use hardware components, such as GPS, Wi-Fi , built in speaker and LTE modems, when most of these devices do not have these applications available, as is the case of the LG G Watch R and Moto 360. With Android Wear 2.0, all watches become fully autonomous and wearables not required to be combined with a smartphone in order to work, but this autonomy is necessary if the smartwatch not have at least these minimum base components.

Surely the update is received by more recent models like the LG Watch Urbane LTE and Huawei Watch (second edition). It should be emphasized that while the first generation of Moto 360 will not get updated to Android Wear 2.0, is expected that second-generation Moto 360 itself receives it (as it became known on 14 September 2015 at IFA).

LG G Watch R y Moto 360 remain without upgrading to Android Wear 2.0