Although most of the news coming from LeEco have to do with smartphones, the truth is that the event held these days in San Francisco, USA, has served to the CEO of the company, YT Jia, to explain the chinese company not only wants to manufacture smartphones, and not only electronic products, but aims to be a developer of autonomous self-driving cars, smart TVs, creator of a streaming service and even electric bikes, such as that given to know, announced as 'Super Bike'. However, in reality it is not exactly a novelty, since it had already made an appearance with similar concept a few months ago.

The 'Super' can be assumed mainly by having a particularly futuristic design and by having an electric motor, but LeEco bike has many more surprises. It has laser lights, direction indicators and signaling, a button to take pictures, another button to adjust the headlamps, microUSB for charging the battery of the electric motor, a Shimano Deore with 30 speeds and more.

In the body of the bike it is a device equipped with the Android operating system, or rather, a customized version of Android by LeEco and called Bike OS. It is essentially like a smartphone operating system, which can also be networked with a custom interface. It is, of course, equipped with GPS and buttons for managing the various elements of the bicycle, including those listed above. The device integrates functions to lock the rear wheel, a monitoring system in case of theft, a security alarm and even a fingerprint reader. In short, an incredible concentration of technology from the chinese company for a cost of around $ 800.

LeEco announced the world's first super bike with Android 1

LeEco announced the world's first super bike with Android