During the Facebook conference F8, the American company has announced a novelty for Instagram: the arrival of offline mode for Android smarthpones and Android tablets. Taking into account the fact that 80% of application users live outside the US, or with (more) slow networks, the company wants to try to meet the needs of those who have bandwidth problems or limits on the use of data.

Now with Instagram offline, whether due to lack of network coverage or lack of data, the user will still be able to view previously downloaded content on the device, leave comments, save messages and even stop following other users if he/she considers it necessary. Thus, when the user re-accesses the internet, all operations performed in offline mode will be automatically synchronized in a complete way.

At the moment Instagram is testing this new beta on Android, but we are not sure when it will be available to all users. The truth is that we do not have many more on the deadlines, so just wait. Even so, it is clear that the feature will reach all users of Instagram, both Android and iOS, in the near future. We leave you with a link to the demonstration video recorded during the F8.

In short, this news may cheer many users, while it will disappoint others, especially if they expected novelties for instagram Stories, but now will benefit from this novelty, too. A step forward for one of the most popular social networks in the world, along with Facebook, and has been able to take advantage of Snapchat ideas to steal a large part of its users.

Instagram offline for Android and for all users 1

Instagram offline for Android and for all users