HTC is investing time and money in the world of virtual reality, where it already leads with the viewer Vive, produced in collaboration with Valve. Today the first signs emerge about the next steps of the Taiwanese company. At a conference in China, in partnership with Alibaba, HTC has announced the expansion of two new platforms: Android and offline. In fact, not long ago from the official opening of Viveport, the virtual reality store of the brand HTC Vive, and now the Taiwanese brand back again specifying on mobile devices, thanks to the appearance of Viveport M, followed by Viveport Arcade.

HTC Viveport M will store applications and VR multimedia content for Android smartphones. You can buy and launch titles at 360 degrees, which requires at least a specific viewer. This movement of the Taiwanese firm makes clear the intention of being not only a hardware manufacturer, but also a provider of services and infrastructure for users and developers. The application will debut soon in China in the form of private beta, and in the coming months will extend its availability worldwide and for all users. The news comes to us through the "HTC Vive and Alibaba cloud joint developer forum" held in Hangzhou, China, where the running application has been seen.

During the convention, however, there was also room for Viveport Arcade, a sales management platform and optimized for content offline: thanks to this experience, virtual reality also hit the arcades, bars and entertainment venues, ensuring while a simple distribution of profits among developers and service dealers. That is, HTC wants to create a distribution network and sales (arcade, in fact) dedicated to virtual reality. The aim is to help local homeowners find better content and devices in line with what they want to offer, and content creators to find suitable buyers for their proposals.

HTC presents platforms Viveport M and Viveport Arcade 1

HTC presents platforms Viveport M and Viveport Arcade