HMD Global seems to want to live up to its name by literally aiming for a truly global release for the new Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6, which in May should be available in 120 different markets. It is possible that, from one country to another, there is a small time difference, but for better or worse the purpose of the company is this, and in addition to Android smartphones, in some markets will also be available the new Nokia 3310 (not in the our, at least initially).

However, the release date is still imprecise, and we will have a couple of months of waiting until it's ready. But, at least in that moment, we will have the full lineup and we will not have to wait too long to choose which to stay with. Nokia wants to re-impose its name on the world of telephony. That is also influenced by other details that we know about each new smartphone provided.

HMD prepares launch of the new Nokia with Android in 120 markets 1

For example, we now know that the Nokia 6 will be dual SIM, although it will not have a separate slot for MicroSD. In fact, the three new cell phones of the famous Finnish brand will have support for two SIM cards, but with a difference that will not be especially appreciated by those who buy the most expensive model. According to what has been revealed by Nokia Mobile, the Nokia 3 and Nokia 5 will be able to have two slots to insert the SIM card and a MicroSD, while Nokia 6 users do not.

Users will therefore have to choose whether they want to use two SIM cards simultaneously or, on the contrary, a SIM card and another memory to increase the amount of storage memory. What will users do? Buy one of the smartphones that mark the return of Nokia on the Android scene, or perhaps wait for the arrival of a high-end device coming from another manufacturer. In a couple of months we will know.

HMD prepares launch of the new Nokia with Android in 120 markets