Rumors about two Nexus smartwatches made by the Californian group, one larger and one smaller, seem to be confirmed: the code names are Angelfish and Swordfish. At the end of the year two new smartwatches could arrive in the market with technology based on Android Wear operating system and designed directly by Google. This will be the Nexus product line in smartwatches. The rumor, which comes from sources that have remained anonymous, are considered very reliable, and have been disseminated by the website Android Police. A necessary clarification: for now there is no image of any of the two devices.

The code names of both devices are Angelfish and Swordfish and both have a circular design. One of the two will be mainly dedicated to lovers of sport and physical activity, as characterized by the presence of a larger screen and advanced components such as GPS geolocation and LTE to connect to the Internet in movement, as well as a monitor heart rate for measuring heartbeat. In the other model, smaller, however, the first two modules will not be part of it.

More specifically, Angelfish somehow reminds to the Motorola Moto 360 and LG Watch Urbane, but with different details regarding, for example, watchband closures. The appearance is that of a sports watch with three physical buttons: the first, round, placed in the center of the right profile, and the two other (smaller) are placed above and below, on the same side. It will not be a very thin device: thickness 14 mm reach a necessary to accommodate sufficient to power the battery, modem and connectivity for our space, while the diameter is equal to 43.5 mm. Among the colors available, there is also the option of titanium, a kind of dark gray with a matte finish.

Google is working on two Android Wear smartwatches