Through a clear and concise tweet, Nintendo of America has announced the exact date on which will be announced the game Super Mario Run also on Android smartphones and tablets. The title, already available on iOS since mid-December, is set to land on the world's most popular mobile platform on March 23 and will be accompanied by the 2.0.0 update that will in all likelihood also cover the version available In the App Store (in this case always more fortunate and ahead of the Android operating system).

Remember that Super Mario Run can be purchased for free in the Google Play Store, but from the fourth screen of the game, it is mandatory to pay a price of € 9.99 to continue with the game. In exchange for access to all levels of the game, the user will not have to face annoying ads within the app. Otherwise, you can try for free the first four levels, to get an idea of ​​the mechanics of the game and to understand if you are really interested in continuing with the complete experience.

If you have been waiting for the arrival of Super Mario Run also on Android, you must know that you can make a previous registration in the corresponding page of the Play Store, to receive the notification that will notify you of the immediate availability of the emblematic title of Nintendo. The truth is that in these months we have already told you everything there was to say about the departure of Super Mario Run for Android. Now we only have to wait a few more days to see on our devices equipped with Google's mobile operating system the latest idea of ​​the Japanese.

Confirmed: Super Mario Run scheduled for March 23 1