During today, coinciding with the US release of the highly anticipated iPhone 7, Apple has decided to present the new version of Apple Watch, successor to the smartwatch best selling in the world, but still had to battle enough to establish itself among consumers and stay on market, having to deal with high expectations of consumers, now more attentive and demanding.

As recognized by the top management of the Cupertino company, especially the leader Tim Cook, the new product will not be in itself a revolution, rather an evolution of its direct predecessor, making some important changes -but not amazing- with hardware integration and most innovative software, all through a market strategy in a modified way.

Apple presents the iPhone 7 along with the new Apple Watch 1

Apple will introduce a new smartwatch that, according to many, has virtually no change from the previous design, except for the fact of replacing the OLED technology with Micro LED, more functional for small screens. Unlike the Apple Watch, the new Apple Watch 2 still will not be able to connect to mobile networks individually, as necessary components still require too much energy and could compromise the battery life, while the internal processor will be totally new (S1 to S2) for obtaining a more immediate response synchronization. As for the characteristics of the battery, according to preliminary information resulting from the rumors posted on the network, would have about 334 mAh in a version of 42 mm, an increase of over 35% compared to the previous model.

Moreover, there is still some mystery about prices, especially after the sudden and unexplained disappearance of the famous gold color model on the official website of Apple and any advertising content as well as the sudden drop in prices for the Sport version of the original (419 euros) and the current version of 38 mm. In any case, the real big news of the new Apple Watch 2 -and symbol of a substantial shift towards a more "sporty" use- is the integrated system that will collect data of all kinds related to the user's position, GPS system, including important information about control of movement parameters. This afternoon, perhaps, Apple announced a new sensor that, for the moment, remains unknown.

Along with the new iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2, there will be new important accessories also to be presented, including smart Bluetooth headsets, called AirPods, able to connect to all Apple devices (including this smartwatch). Just wait until 19.00 pm today to see how far Apple is willing to go this year.

Apple presents the iPhone 7 along with the new Apple Watch