Android, the most popular operating system for the mobile industry, has always been one of the most versatile OS ever seen on the market. Not surprisingly, it shows that a version is enough for any smartphone and any tablet and, in general, even with slight changes to the TVs. Since the advent of portable technology a special version of the operating system was also launched to confirm how it can be adapted to almost any product on the market.

The official repository of Android, currently developed by Google, is the same in which the AOSP (Android Open Source Project) code is stored, and is so important precisely because it allows the use by other developers. Now the news is that, apparently, Google is working on a version of Android also for the popular mini PC Raspberry Pi 3.

It is not clear what could be the declinations of a version of Android for a device like the Raspberry Pi 3, but everything sounds great, just the idea itself. Given its versatility as mini PC, this union could lead to something like an Android desktop version, indeed, somewhat similar to the new TVs with Android TV.

The devices range Raspberry Pi, with equipment fairly complete, depending on the model range from prices ranging from 5 to 35 dollars, and they have so far been used almost exclusively with Linux. Google's Android support will allow the use of new applications, particularly those related to the multimedia world. It is good to remember now it is an empty repository in this case, so hypothetically the idea of a presence is a good omen for the future of the sector. We just have to wait and check for changes in the Google repository.

Android prepares to land on Raspberry Pi 3 1

Android prepares to land on Raspberry Pi 3