This is how Google could call the next version of Android operating system: Neyyappam, one of the typical Indian sweets. This would be a decision that would satisfy the preferences expressed by the large number of Indian users. Google had asked its users to suggest the name that believed suitable for the next version of Android, by creating a special section on its website.

India is one of the most populous countries in the world, with more than a billion people and is the country where a large number of proposals on the name came from. The name in question is Neyyappam, fried sweet typical from India, made of rice and brown sugar. Google seems unwilling to break the tradition of assigning a name of a dessert with different versions of Android, and given the high number of significant suggestions with the name Neyyappam, the choice could be this without any doubt.

In light of these momentary results seen online, it seems that the name "Nutella" will not get enough votes, despite starting as favorite at first, for all the fame that follows it around the world. Just as many US users, at first, had thought for months that the choice of internal name "New York Cheesecake" was obvious, it seems now Neyyappam. But the reality is that Android N not yet have an official name, and must wait for the evolution of voting until June 9, at the official site closes suggestions.

Android N could be called Neyyappam, to the delight of Indian users 1

Android N could be called Neyyappam, to the delight of Indian users