Among the manufacturers presenting their smartphones at the Mobile World Congress, Alcatel could not be missing, which has become the protagonist of the day thanks to a leak of information regarding one of the smartphones that we are going to see in Barcelona during the months of February and March. According to sources interviewed by a Hungarian technology publication, Alcatel smartphones expected to be presented during the event would be at least five, and one of them would be based on a modular design similar to what we have seen in other smartphones, although something far from the LG G5, presented by the Korean company in 2016 (with little success).

Alcatel plans to develop modular smartphone 1

And of course, it is in the last smartphone that focuses the rumors that emerged in the interview. The processor of this smartphone should be an octa-core MediaTek, while the main camera would have 13 megapixels. It is also expected that the modular system, at least in the base, differs substantially from what has been seen in the LG G5 (with its mods dockable through the battery compartment) and, on the contrary, would be similar to what is seen on the Moto Z, where the accessories are magnetically attached to the back of the smartphone. Alcatel has preferred to use this method for the development of a modular smartphone.

Alcatel plans to develop modular smartphone 2

These rumors must be taken with caution: the website that made this information public has not disclosed the origin or sources, which are cited as anonymous. In any case, the presentation will start for Alcatel smartphones on February 26, the day of the press conference that will clarify all aspects of the information leaked at this time. Finally, the price should be around 300 or 350 euros. It is much more affordable than many other devices. For now, however, there is nothing secure and only on February 26, 2017 will be announced the future of Alcatel smartphones.

Alcatel plans to develop modular smartphone