In the continuous race of Android smartphones with great displays, the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ comes just to make it more interesting. And its main competition could be the LG G4, so we are going to compare each other.

The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge remain on top of the best smartphones of the year. The LG G4 could be above them for those wanting a larger screen, offering 5.5 inch with Quad HD. The Galaxy S6 Edge+ has 5.7 inches, which also aims to conquer these potential customers.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ versus LG G4 1

The Galaxy S6 Edge+ is an amazing phone with dual curved edges that give a surprising twist to the already great design of Galaxy S6. The Edge S6+ is naturally a larger version, simple and clear. What was sublime in a small package it is not minimized in the expanded format, although increased size makes it more problematic to grab.

In comparison, the LG G4 can not help but... Sure, you can wear it with leather on the back, but nothing daring in its design, and does not stand out in a crowd. It's a good design, no doubt, but the opposition here is beautiful. In this point there is no debate.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ versus LG G4 2

Both the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ as LG G4 have screens running with dazzling Quad HD resolution of 2560 x 1440. It's an amazing sharpness though, because of the smaller screen, the G4 gets the advantage with 538 ppi, while the S6 Edge+ is about 518.

With this resolution, the difference will not be immediately noticeable to the vast majority of users. You have to consider other things as the color and contrast. When we compared the normal Galaxy S6 and the LG G4, the verdict was in favor of Samsung, as the visual experience of the G4 revealed puzzling saturation. Assuming the S6 Edge+ has not rejected Samsung's winning formula, and have our vote again.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ versus LG G4 3

On paper, the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and LG G4 have similar specifications: 16 megapixels sensors are in the main camera, although the G4 has a top lens of f/1.8 (compared to f/1.9 of S6 Edge+). Both have optical image stabilization, plus the G4 have laser focus. Still, they are pretty good.

But while the G4 offers extensive options to alter the photos to pros and beginners, plus capture more detail in night shots, the Galaxy S6 Edge+ takes better pictures in the day for the average user, and has faster shutter. So it depends of what you prefer.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ versus LG G4 4

The Exynos 7420 Octa-core processor on Galaxy S6 Edge+ -the same as we saw in the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge- completely finishes with the Snapdragon 808 processor on LG G4, and flies high in daily use.

Of course, big screens require more processing, but also, Samsung increased the RAM to 4 GB for S6 Edge+. It shall be great as colorful games require high-resolution content without much trouble. The battery will run full while we can, but it will certainly be the most powerful phone on the market, along with the nearly identical Galaxy Note 5.

As for operating systems, we have an Android Samsung: TouchWiz 5.1 version, a massive improvement from older models: it is faster, easier to use and, best of all, is not jammed candy. Optimus interface in the G4 is not bad, but not as attractive as TouchWiz or normal Lollipop, and software updates are not essential.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ versus LG G4 5

It is difficult to put a stamp on something like the battery life when we still cannot try the Galaxy S6 Edge+ in our hands, but we will build it on our previous experience with the S6 Edge. Both Edge+ as the G4 have 3000 mAh battery inside, but here's the thing: the smaller Edge S6 only had 2600 mAh of battery and we saw best autonomy in the G4.

The S6 Edge+ has a larger display to match, but also has extra fuel, good choice for a solid all-day use. And it has integrated wireless charging, which is a big plus.

That said, the S6 Edge+ is very nearly locked and no way to change batteries when it dies, and there is no access to a charger. On the other hand, the G4 can not last much, but you can put a spare. What do you prefer? A battery that lasts longer or the flexibility to go further with a second battery? That depends on your preferences. Also, the LG G4 has the microSD slot missing from the S6 Edge+, for users who value utility over style may opt for the LG model.

Anyway, The LG G4 is an excellent phone, but the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is even better -and based on what we have seen and touched, the Edge S6+ is still "best"-. It's bigger, of course, and internal specifications ensure increased as a huge, fast and undoubtedly attractive device.

However, there are many reasons for wanting to keep a LG G4 -mainly the removable battery and microSD slot, which makes it a more flexible device, especially for fans of power-. And then there's the price: after a few months on the market, the G4 can be yours for much less than the Galaxy S6 Edge+. But in terms of specifications and overall quality, the S6 Edge+ appears to be the final winner.