Yesterday we saw the first photographic comparison between the OnePlus 2, iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6, resulting in a clear victory for the first thanks to its slick post-processing software. Specifically, the comparison was made at night, so we could see how the OnePlus 2 sensor capture much more light thanks to its maximum opening, getting much more clarity and sharp images. In short, a better behavior.

OnePlus 2 versus iPhone 6

Cameras: OnePlus 2 versus iPhone 6 versus Samsung Galaxy S6 1


Tomorrow, the OnePlus 2 will be a reality but to whet your appetite, Peter Lau, CEO of OnePlus, wanted to take a little more fuel to the hype and has published a comparison of shots between the camera of OnePlus 2 and the camera of iPhone 6 and specifically how each behaves in low lighting conditions and at night. Here you can view images with the seizure of OnePlus 2 on the left and the iPhone 6 to the right. Cameras: OnePlus 2 versus iPhone 6 versus Samsung Galaxy S6 2

It notes that Peter Lau and OnePlus have been quite smart and in place of comparing with iPhone 6 Plus, which has a more competent camera has taken as a rival the iPhone 6 with the patents that are the performance differences between cameras for the new Chinese model. Nevertheless, it shows the performance of the camera OnePlus 2, following various rumors and these pictures, you can specify that will be at least 13 megapixels with an aperture f/2.0 and PDAF technology focus. In particular, the new model would have a sensor OnePlus shown with a much more advanced performance of the Sony IMX214 of OnePlus One. Usually, lack of light were choked to mobile terminals cameras producing images with high amount of "noise", ie grain on the screen. Cameras: OnePlus 2 versus iPhone 6 versus Samsung Galaxy S6 3

In the photos it shows the new OnePlus 2 has a very good performance in this respect, with a significant reduction in image noise in addition to a much more natural colors. Ie "black" are blacker and lighting effects are captured, almost to perfection. As you can sse, especially in the first two pictures, the level of detail that captures the OnePlus 2 versus Apple phone is significantly higher in general and distance shots. Now, as we approach the object in question, things are running more partners.

OnePlus 2 versus Samsung Galaxy S6

Cameras: OnePlus 2 versus iPhone 6 versus Samsung Galaxy S6 4


While Apple's phone has a remarkable camera, and the comparative is no lack of curiosity, at the moment the rivals to beat is the Samsung Galaxy S6, which currently holds the title of best camera on a smartphone. The web Gizmochina has make a new comparison, but this time it's the Samsung Galaxy S6, one of the most impressive terminals market and which, by the way, has the best camera view on a smartphone until now. As happened with the iPhone in June, there has been a "little trick" for the comparison, and this time is the macro mode which has been compared between the two phones.

On the left we have the picture took with OnePlus 2 while on the right is available the one taken from Samsung Galaxy S6. The truth is that, objectively, in all the images we see how the OnePlus 2 has a slightly higher performance in macro mode. The colors seem to be more "realistic", ie, more faithful to what actually can be found, and the definition of the pictures is also more noticeable (you can see how the edges are blurred in the case of Samsung Galaxy S6). Cameras: OnePlus 2 versus iPhone 6 versus Samsung Galaxy S6 5

Now, is this a fair comparison? While OnePlus has done very important work to improve both the camera and the software that accompanies it is too early to say that the best sensor is mounted on the Samsung Galaxy S6. Remember that this terminal was named as the best when it came in what photography is concerned and is unlikely to be ousted.

To have a much clearer idea, we have to wait for a more complete comparative where we can see the performance of the devices at day, night, in manual mode and, ultimately, in all aspects of a camera.