Fastboot Update

 - You need a PC, MIUI FLASHING TOOL support windows 7, 8,10.

- This Guide is for advanced users.

 Make sure that your device is fully charged or has enough power for this process. This guide will help you update your device to the latest MIUI ROM version. All user data will be purged in this process. Please back up your data and think twice before proceeding.


(you can download it in Fastboot packages link, need to sign up) 


Devices marked with ★ are locked. If your device is locked, please  click -><-   to unlock it first. Devices marked with ☆ are unlocked. If your device is unlocked, please just follow the following tutorial to complete the ROM flashing.

2-. Select the right MIUI ROM version for your phone from the listed below, and download the corresponding package file.

In the ROM DOWNLOADS menu option, or on the mobile or cell phone, display the side menu and choose ROM DOWNLOADS.

http: //  Fastboot packages