Update LG using LG PC Suite

You need PC.

There are some updates, which due to their characteristics, cannot be done from the phone itself, in these cases you need to install a specific software developed by the manufacturer of the terminal.

In the case of LG the software is LG PC Suite for old LG phones or LG Bridge for newer terminals.

You need a PC to install the LG PC SUITE Software. This Software developed by LG allows you to connect to your mobile phone and perform a large number of functions. One of them is to update the terminal software.

In these cases, a message like the one in the image will appear: there is an update, but it must be installed with LG PC SUITE or LG BRIDGE (newer models).

https://www.lg.com/us/support/help-library/lg-pc-suite-download-how-to-use-CT10000026-20150108669720 LG PC SUITE

1.- Downloag LG PC Suite

2.- Install LG Pc Suite

     Double-click the downloaded file and follow the installation steps.

     Once finished, the LG PC Suite main screen will appear. You can now connect your phone via USB or Wi-Fi and explore all the features.

LG PC Suite has a complete help that you can consult to take the first steps.