YouTube has always been committed to make changes to its mobile application, so much so that in recent months has added support for 3D videos with a 360 degree view and now also related to virtual reality. In practice, this support of 360 degree videos on YouTube Mobile gives a better experience of virtual reality, complete through special displays, cardboard glasses of Google and works to be placed with the phone on it.

This innovation was launched on November 5, 2015 through Google Play, subject to the new version of the YouTube app for Android, which introduced the VR video support. And both iOS and Android can now see a new type of video that manages to give a greater sense of depth, as if you were to look in all directions.

"If we have learned anything in the last 10 years about YouTube is that capturing and sharing videos is a great way to bring people with you... Virtual reality (VR) makes the experience of being there even more impressive and addictive, so today we bring two new features for YouTube VR". Explains the company's YouTube blog, "All you need is a smartphone and Google cardboard glasses".

Lightweight, small, handy and simple. These are the main features of the touch controls for YouTube, a small utility that can manage the brightness and volume when playing a YouTube video directly using the Swype keyboard on the screen. The program requires some permissions and accessibility and in the free version only allows you to change the volume. However, this is software that can be useful and that seems to work well and smoothly.

YouTube with Touch Controls and VR 360 degree video