During the conference for the presentation of the new Xiaomi Mi Note 2, the Chinese giant has also unveiled a new virtual reality headset, much more complete and mature than the concept shown last August (Xiaomi VR available to $13 in Gearbest). The Xiaomi Mi VR hides a dedicated hardware, when combined with a smartphone, to give better experience than other virtual glasses from the competition.

Thanks to a 9-axis high sensitivity inertial motion sensor, coupled with a high range smartphone (with gyroscope), it is possible to reduce the level of latency to 16 ms, in order to ensure proper immersion of user experience and completely solve the problem of dizziness that some users suffer after using these devices for some time. The new Xiaomi Mi VR is a much more advanced than usual virtual reality headset. It is compatible with Mi 5, Mi 5s, Mi 5 Plus and of course with the new Mi Note 2. Details about it are scarce at the moment, but we know that these glasses thanks to a system of motion sensors are more sensitive integrated, which when placed next to software optimizations and powerful smartphones, promises a unique experience.

The design is not the most original (many will find many similarities with the Sony PlayStation VR), but the new Mi VR also offers a remote control, which also tracks the 9-axis of motion, and an interface optimized called MIUI VR, something that really reminds us to Google Daydream, but it is unclear yet if they share the same virtual reality interface or if a different version in each case. The Xiaomi Mi VR is the most likely alternative to Daydream come from China, with a great advantage that is recurrent for some years: price. If the virtual reality glasses for Pixel cost $ 79, the Mi VR only ¥ 199, that should be around $ 30 (but may be sold here at a higher price). We do not know exactly when it will be available for purchase, but on paper everything we know sounds very interesting.

Xiaomi Mi VR, virtual reality for smartphones without dizziness 1

Xiaomi Mi VR, virtual reality for smartphones without dizziness