Almost every day talking about a new smartphone Android made by Chinese colossus and even after yesterday, when Xiaomi unveiled the new Xiaomi Capricorn, in the last hours Geekbench also revealed for the first time a mysterious smartphone called Altun. Although the focus of Xiaomi to its products is focused now in the imminent Xiaomi Mi Note 2 (which should be presented next month), the fact is that the manufacturer is working on other devices, one of which can be a very low cost flagship.

As evidenced by the numerous visits at Geekbench, a new Xiaomi smartphone would be under construction, although there is little information available for the moment. This is the Xiaomi Altun, or this is at least the codename, which has appeared since last May until today on the popular web of references.

In fact, this cell phone has made about 25 Geekbench tests, and all reveal some scores that show a low-end smartphone, with 798 points in a single core and 2664 when multi-core. Unlike other devices, this Altun could include an octa-core processor at 1.4GHz, presumably a Snapdragon 4xx processor with 2 GB of RAM and Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

We currently have no other information about it, and do not know when it will be officially presented and if Xiaomi will release it in the company of another device seen in recent weeks (the aforementioned Capricorn). Still, taken the little information available, thanks to the benchmark results, it seems possible that the Xiaomi Altun includes few surprises in terms of specifications.

Therefore, it is difficult to speculate at this time about the immediate future of the global family of smartphones, or which could enrich the Redmi range or represent a cheaper version of the next Redmi Note 4. For more information we'll just have to wait a few days; meanwhile, we remind you that through the web search engine you can find information on all smartphones on the market, including specifications and better purchase prices.

Xiaomi Altun, new Android smartphone discovered in Geekbench 1

Xiaomi Altun, new Android smartphone discovered in Geekbench