Android Instant Apps are becoming available for some smartphones and tablets around the world. A few days ago, on the occasion of the landing on Android smartphones, we talked about this new feature. In any case, in short, an Instant App is an application that can be used without even downloading it to your device. This innovation was presented last year, progressively developing until today. For a few hours, users in several countries can see how it works. Not in vain the stable version has already been approved and appears to be fully functional.

The first Android Instant App has arrived: Wish 1

Android Instant Apps have put a goal in mind, no longer having the need to download an application to see how it works. We often download applications that appear to present interesting resources, but then we do not use them and become useless or a residue in the system storage. That is why, the key of Instant Apps is that, before downloading, the user can make constant use of the program in the device, or see if they may like the functions it presents or not. It is not an irrelevant change, since this pre-stage verification before actual downloading allows the user to save space if the application is not really of interest.

The new Android Instant Apps are going to be especially useful for developers who can, first try, and then decide whether to proceed or not. Current Google partners are: Wish, Periscope, Viki and BuzzFeed. All well known by users and with significant traffic. All of these apps can be found in the Google Play Store. On the other hand, it is possible to test for 10 minutes the functionality of all these apps. For now, however, the feature is only available in the Google Pixel, Nexus 6P and some Nexus 5X, but it is only a matter of time that it extends to other smartphones and tablets.

Wish, instant application for e-commerce

The first Android Instant App has arrived: Wish 2

The only fully functional Instant App is Wish. If you do not know Wish, it is a popular e-commerce dedicated to selling fashion, trend accessories and electronic gadgets. If you want to try this online shopping center on your cell phone, go to the official website or find the app immediately through the Play Store. In a few seconds, you can check if you find it interesting. Before doing this, however, it is necessary to activate the instant applications. Go to Phone Settings > Google Settings. If the device is compatible, you should see a section with the same name. Just click on that option for the activation, read the conditions of the service and confirm. Once finished, from Settings you can control all instant applications. And you can also remove the data or install the complete application from that section.

The first Android Instant App has arrived: Wish