Sony finally sells in Europe and America the high-end smartphone Sony Xperia XZ, at a price of $ 699.99, and the midrange cell phone Xperia X Compact for $ 499.99. It is noteworthy that it includes a 23 megapixel camera with Triple Imaging Sensing Technology and adaptive charging battery to last longer at night.

Sony Xperia XZ already on sale on Amazon 1

Although in recent times Sony is not having much success in relation to the smartphone market (in fact the Chinese branch of the company, Vaio, dedicated to making PCs and also focuses on the mobile industry, it has become in a distinct brand in its own right), the price, not very accessible to all budgets, does not help. For this reason, the Japanese company is trying by all means to recover with two different kinds of phones for everyone (except those who do not want or can spend more than $ 300).

Here are two examples, one the Sony Xperia XZ, which for the last few hours appears in all websites of Amazon. It is clearly a superior device, both in terms of performance, as in terms of price. In fact, the Xperia XZ has a CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 with 3 GB of RAM, a screen of 5.2 inches Full HD protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4, internal memory of 32 GB expandable via microSD, optical sensor of 23 megapixels, USB Type-C and IP68 certification.

Other interesting specifications include a battery of 2900 mAh with support for quick charge through the Quick Charge 3.0 technology. The battery is also compatible with the adaptive charging to prolong its life cycle, that serves so that, if you put the phone to charge overnight, the battery will reach 90% normally, but thereafter will increase from 90% to 100% more slowly, anticipating the arrival of the morning. This occurs to prevent the phone is charged to 100% at three o'clock in the morning and keep charging until eight o'clock or eleven, for example.

Meanwhile, the second example is the Sony Xperia X Compact, a smaller version of the Xperia X, and is built around a 4.6-inch screen with HD resolution (720p) in a body of similar quality to Xperia XZ design, more rounded to be easy to hold. The device is powered by the same Snapdragon 650 chipset found in the Xperia X, which includes a six-core processor and 3 GB of RAM.

Sony Xperia XZ already on sale on Amazon