With the advent of Google Pixel and Pixel XL will disappear all the line of Nexus smartphones in 2016? Apparently not. According to new information, many would be mistaken to take for dead the hit series created by Google in collaboration with other manufacturers.

It may not be on October 4, but in the coming months we could know the resurgence of the Nexus line of phones, at least according to the statement by Stephen Hall from 9to5Google. The blogger is willing to swear that the new Pixel smartphones are just a distraction, but nothing permanent, and that the Nexus line will soon be back in the forefront of the market.

Thus, according to this news, the Nexus 5X and 6P not be the last smartphones from the series, which is sure for Hall. Moreover, only a few weeks ago the also always well informed Evan Blass, better known under the pseudonym @evleaks on Twitter, had blabbed to discuss the development of a Nexus tablet manufactured by Huawei, and with very high profile. The device could see the light at the end of the year and will be aimed at developers to incorporate the Andromeda operating system on board (a hybrid mix of Android and Chrome OS).

Having seen this, Google has no intention to stop, but rather save on details to give us many more surprises, some really unexpected. We bet that most users are welcoming the news on the future of the Nexus line with great enthusiasm, especially when they are introduced, next to the tablet (although we still have to wait to see the market launch of Google Pixel and Pixel XL, because these days few are able to predict the future, except those who already know).

Smartphone Nexus 2016 can still be a reality