The Taiwanese company is not only news for the release of HTC 10, but also for being testing a new version of its own Sense interface for its smartphones and also for smartphones from other brands, thanks to its testing program and will soon appear publicly in the Play Store for smartphones of all kinds.

Like any Android phone maker, HTC put on the market their devices with its own layer of customization, known as Sense, to embellish and customize the Google mobile operating system (Android). The novelty this time is that the Taiwanese company may soon open the new version of Sense Home for all Android smartphones that publicly appear on the Play Store.

Ausdroid has been the media that has managed to intercept a message that HTC allegedly sent to a participant in the testing program, which encourages HTC phone owners to install Android 4.4 or later, to test the new Sense. Among the features of Sense include Blinkfeed (which includes everything of interest in the media, both social and news in one place), the ability to view specific applications in Home and at the base where it is and to change the appearance of the operating system with custom themes.

The reasons for this openness would be sought in this last main feature of Sense: in fact, more or less adapted customized, HTC Home can be done through purchases in this application. Thus, if the Taiwanese company decides to go to the bottom, could extend the shopping application to all Android phones. Moreover, HTC is trying to be a leading manufacturer for several years, not only by selling its devices, but also induces the purchase of its services outside its own market, something that could be a smart decision and profitable.

Currently it is known whether the project, dubbed as GOOGLE_PLAY_SENSE_GP, will bring the same interface on all HTC Android smartphones of last generation, which will include all the innovations of Freestyle mode.

Sense 8 interface can be used and downloaded in no-HTC smartphones