Samsung is testing for 2017 two foldable smartphones 1

According to some sources in Asia, Samsung would be preparing itself to launch two folding smartphones with different designs for the year 2017. With this strategy, the South Korean company intends to check the market reaction, in order to focus later on the model with greater success to develop further in the coming years. The first of the two variants would consist of two separate panels (and therefore non-flexible) with a book-style closure (dual screen), while the second variant would be a screen as a single polarized panel. The launch of foldable cell phones with OLED screen would take place at a later date, especially after Samsung received the first reactions of the market for the basic model with two screens.

It has long been the news that the Korean company would be devoting itself fully to the development of folding mobile devices, but beyond the recent patents presented, it should be remembered that the Project Valley was created two years ago, and focuses on the development of a phone equipped with an elongated display capable of folding on itself without showing particular signs of wear. As early as 2013, the Galaxy Round was Samsung's first (and only) smartphone characterized by the presence of a concave screen, but never developed the technology capable of folding without problems. Although the market is still immature, many manufacturers are involved in the development of new technologies for the production of folding cell phones, and once Samsung presents its peculiar models, it can be followed in China by Oppo and Lenovo.

So, 2017 could be the decisive year for the launch of the first smartphone with folding screen, and the day we finally discover the result of such innovations unique to a device. In this sense, we may hear many more rumors throughout these months, product of the interest generated by what should be a revolution in the smartphone industry around the world.

Samsung is testing for 2017 two foldable smartphones