The date that everyone expects to see the new Samsung Galaxy S8 officially is in everyone's mind: on March 29. That is the day chosen by Samsung for the event organized in New York to present the Galaxy S8, flagship smartphone of the Koreans. But now that information is less relevant, thanks to the response from a reliable source obtained by the Korean press. This is the day to start buying this device. Pre-orders to buy it will start on April 7th.

New leaked images

Samsung Galaxy S8: actual photo, specs and availability 1

Today, day of leaks, we also have new images of Galaxy S8. Of course, most likely not related to a real model, but rather a first model, a design prior to the official (as if it was a beta and not stable version). The interesting thing about the image, however, is to be able to check the proportions and key elements of the device when holding in a hand. The photograph shows a shiny black phone, somewhat similar to the iPhone used to make these photos, but we can not know anything other than what we see in the image.


Samsung Galaxy S8: actual photo, specs and availability 2

On the other hand, have also revealed much of the specifications of this top of the range smartphone. Let's see below what it is.

Design and Display

The Galaxy S8 will feature a sensor for scanning the iris, the same as we had seen in the ephemeral Galaxy Note 7. This aspect will significantly increase the security of our smartphone and increase user privacy. Most likely there is only a edgeless version for the S8 and S8 Plus, and most likely the design will be curved. As far as design is concerned, the great novelty can be given by the corners of the device. These will be rounded and softened with respect to the previous models.


Samsung Galaxy S8: actual photo, specs and availability 3

The Galaxy S8 will be released in two different versions, as we have already said. Both are distinguished from each other only by size, basically. Therefore, depending on that the sensor of the rear camera will vary, although perhaps in both cases it is a single lens of 12 megapixels. The front camera will have the same autofocus that we could use on the Galaxy S7.

Artificial Intelligence

Samsung has also confirmed that both models will have on board a new personal assistant, made by the Korean giant for its devices. This voice assistant is called Bixby. With it, the user can use the camera to do a search of everything that surrounds him, according to his needs. You will also have a choice of compatibility with computers, in the style of Microsoft Continuum.

USB Ports and Release Date

As for the USB ports of the new Galaxy S8, you must have a USB Type-C port. The feature that contrasts with the iPhone 7 will be the presence on the back of the 3.5mm audio jack. All coupled with some speakers from the Harman Kardon brand, a company acquired by Samsung last year. As for the price of the standard model, it will cost about $ 800, while Galaxy S8 Plus will cost about $ 1000. Remember that on March 29, Samsung will announce to the world its new smartphone. For sale, however, you'll have to wait until next April 21 (and April 28 for the global launch).