The good news about Android security is that we have also known what are the most secure devices and what are the most reliable brands. If you want to get your hands on an Android smartphone, but you are especially interested in security, it is likely that your preferences are directed towards Samsung or Nexus. At least that is what security experts say. This is because only these two brands are able to protect user data and update their devices at a time, while other manufacturers apparently are not able to market these smartphones with corresponding security.

The warning comes from security experts companies and explained in the article linked in the first paragraph. Already in the event Google I/O held this year, many Android developers have reviewed the security issues of the operating system and that have not been resolved yet, even after all the efforts made by the Mountain View giant through its monthly patches. In this sense, security experts have shown that there is a high degree of vulnerability in most Android devices tested, with alarming results: 57 percent of Android phones has not proven to be safe enough.

On devices which these security tests have been developed, only the latest models of Nexus and Samsung Galaxy series of devices have shown a substantial improvement in security measures. For this reason, researchers can only recommend buying these smartphones, as they certainly are safer than many other brands. Obviously, the advice remains valid until, according to experts, the two houses remain concerned for the security and release date patches. Obviously, it is impossible to verify the quality of these tests, so the question arises: are simple provocations with no sufficient evidence, to direct the user to purchase specific brands?

Samsung and Nexus have the most secure and most reliable smartphones 1

Samsung and Nexus have the most secure and most reliable smartphones