Last night appeared a tweet by Hiroshi Lockheimer that made us wonder what meaning lay behind his words. Today, however, we could intuit that the Vice President of development of Android, Google Play, and Chrome, was anticipating what will happen during the event to be held on October 4, one of the cornerstones for projects of Google, the which we will discuss in the coming years with almost total security. Lockheimer goes back, in fact, to the eighth birthday of Android, to ensure that in the future we will celebrate a birthday in a similar way on October 4. Then, will it be the day of a new operating system? The answer could be yes.

Some will remember the news that emerged several months ago, according to which Google was working at the junction of Android and Chrome OS, and it would be released sometime in 2017. Well, based on what now seems confirmed by the web AndroidPolice, which would have seen a preview of this "new" operating system, code-named Andromeda, which will be presented precisely on October 4, with actual release scheduled for later in 2017.

In recent months there have been signs in several ways on a silent change affecting Android and Chrome OS together: on the one hand, Android Nougat has inherited the seamless updates of Chrome OS; Chrome OS has been enriched with the support of the Play Store, and thus applications for Android. Andromeda should offer much more, in any case, and should allow the "optimization" of Android to run an even more heterogeneous different types of hardware, especially on laptops, convertibles and desktop computers.

Details are scarce at the moment, of course, and is not expected to witness the actual launch of Andromeda on October 4, but rather its preview, as happened with Android N for months. Although no one knows if a developer preview will appear; if so, we would be ready to uncork the champagne.

On October 4 we will know Andromeda, the combination of Android and Chrome OS 1

On October 4 we will know Andromeda, the combination of Android and Chrome OS