Nvidia Shield Android TV will soon receive the update "Shield Experience Upgrade 3.2". The changes are numerous and substantial, especially with regard to video playback. Nvidia decoder will be the first capable of streaming Netflix in HDR (High Dynamic Range). Currently the only title available is the first season of "Marco Polo", but in the coming months the HDR content catalog will be expanded considerably.

The Nvidia Shield Android TV also support HDR on GameStream or streaming games through a PC connected to the local network. The owners of a PC with a Nvidia GPU with architecture Pascal will be the first thus take advantage of the HDR while playing on your Shield Android TV. Another outstanding news is collaboration with VUDU, other content management and video on demand platform that Nvidia is working to enable users to access content catalog in Ultra HD resolution.

Nvidia Shield Android TV supports Netflix streaming in HDR 1

The update will bring many new features, including support for 4K video at 60 frames per second on YouTube and many other additional content that will come with the firmware 3.2 of Nvidia Shield Android TV, both in terms of new applications and high definition content and video games. For the latter category will feature games like Sadwen and Homefront: The Revolution, which are already available, like the Resident Evil 5 downloadable from the Play Store.

In addition to YouTube and VUDU 4K and Netflix in HDR, owners of Nvidia television can enjoy the content of HDR in new applications, including a special mention for Spotify, available from yesterday, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Comedy Central, Deezer and applications of ESPN, ABC and CNN. Nvidia has not announced when the new firmware will be available, but we should not wait long to install as usual via OTA.

Nvidia Shield Android TV supports Netflix streaming in HDR