Nokia is looking for a big comeback in the smartphone market. It is a goal that we can check in every new news. The iconic Finnish brand continues to advance step by step, following a path that leaves nothing to chance (apparently). So, the news today is that Nokia confirms monthly security updates for its Android smartphones. This policy is part of the consolidation of the brand, adding to the use of smart marketing strategies, the structuring of a range of products and phased launches that seeks to convince consumers both the price side and the side of the quality. Caring for most of the details, Nokia (along with HMD Global) demonstrates day after day to take into account these fundamental aspects.

Nokia confirms monthly security updates 1

The Twitter account of Nokia Mobile responded a few days ago to several users on a topic that is especially interesting for those who buy an Android phone. These social network users were trying to figure out the software distribution time and, according to the answer given, anyone who decides to trust Nokia and HDM Global will not encounter unpleasant surprises. At least as far as security concerns are concerned, Nokia has promised to deploy security updates monthly, to which are added the usual updates of the Android operating system.

Nokia confirms monthly security updates 2

From this point of view, Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 are not going to have anything to envy to the devices Nexus and Pixel that have, due to being part of the official alignment of Google, a faster route as for the updates of software. The Finnish company, at the same time, has not yet expressed what kind of support will give for these firmware updates. Therefore, this period may or may not coincide with the 24 months guaranteed for Pixel devices. It is reasonable to assume that this deadline will be at least for the average range of Nokia 6.